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28 May 2017
Hello all,

Tonight Launchers have one match vs the Kashmiri Lions.

The match is at 2:50am.

I am really excited about it.

I'll be updating this article.

Update: 06/01/2017
The matches are being rescheduled as there has been rain during the weekend of the last week.

Update: 06/02/2017
We got 1 point for the match we didn't play. Our next two matches are on 06/09/2017. I can't wait to play. We are playing texas king and you mad bro.

16 February 2017

I am excited to play for team Launchers in the basant tournament.

Team Launchers has two matches on Saturday, and we hope to win them.

I will update the website with more information ;)


Update 02/21/2017

Team Launchers won the two matches we played last Saturday.

We have a match coming this Friday vs Fantastic 11.

Update 03/07/2017

The semi finals and the final are on 03/25/2017

Dabang 11 and kashmiri XI made it to the semi finals.

Launchers will be playing dabang 11 in the semi finals.

Update 04/20/2017

This is a very late update, but I just want to say, Launchers lost to the Kashmiri XI team.

We could have won, but some batsmen did not perform well enough, and the last over bowler did not perform well enough.

The other team batting was good too.

20 November 2016
Hello folks,

I went to the MYNA soccer event today, and it was really fun.

I got to play as a goal keeper on Sameer bhai's team, and we won the first soccer match 4-1 which was versus my brother Junaid's team.

Then we played the final, and we lost 3-4. The final was vs Ahmed bhai's team.

It was really close.

There were many people who attended.

We ate pizza, and the whole event was really well organized.

Looking forward to another event like this.

07 August 2016
Hello everyone,

Launchers lost the semi final vs Halal Angaray.

It was a good match, a close one.

I was bowling my 2nd over when we lost the match. I bowled a wide, and Minhaj at the back end could not stop the ball from going to the boundary line, and it was four runs.

I was just trying to get the wicket, but unfortunately a couple of wides cost us the match.

We tried our best.

Although our team was made up of hardly all the players that we wanted. We had two fielders that were from another team.

One other person was substituting for us.

So this is why we lost.

Then there was a big argument over a six and a catch. It turned out it was a six.

The argument lasted for an hour or more it seems.

I am looking forward to the next tournament.

Congratulations to halal angaray for winning, and also to umadbro for trying their best, as runnerups.

05 August 2016

We are hoping to win the quarterfinal match vs shaheen tonight. It's at 11:30pm.

If we win we will play a semi final tomorrow.

The other match tonight is pakistani zalmi vs kashmiri qalandars.

Tomorrow, halal angaray and u mad bro are automatically in the semi finals, so the two teams that win tonight will play them in the semi finals.

I hope it will be a good and successful night ;)


30 July 2016
Hello everyone,

Two matches of the launchers are coming up.

Launchers vs TCC

Launchers vs Pakistan Zalmi

Wish us the best!

Inshallah we'll win.

24 July 2016
Hello and Salam everyone,

Launchers played their first match yesterday night, and we ended up losing.

There were a few issues with the team.

Rizwan bhai and Asif Zubairi bhai were not there.

We had two substitues, Faizan and Sajid bhai.

I batted made around 10-15 runs, then got out by the ball of Basit. He bowled me.

Asif bhai played somewhat good, but he got out too, I believe catch out, maybe i'm wrong.

Ehsan bhai got out early as well, maybe within 5 runs.

We scored 98, 99 was to win.

Our bowling was a little weak, so we ended up losing.

There were 24 runs needed in 2 overs. The second last over was mine.

I got hit with two sixes or three sixes, then Minaj bowled the last over, and Halal Angaray needed 5 to win. I think Majid hit a four and a six to win.

We still have two matches to go, so we are hopeful that we can recover. Also there might be the original players returning for the second batch of matches.


Our team squad is:

Team Launchers


A.samad ( c )

Asif Jan

Rizwan Shuja

Isaac Khan

Anser Quraishi



Asif zubari


Rahim sha

Reserve ( Faizan Ali )

Reserve ( Sajid khan )

Reserve ( Ali Hasan )

The schedule is:

21 July 2016
Hello everyone,

The azadi cup tournament is starting on friday.

There are 8 teams competing.

For more information, check out the facebook event @

Hopefully launchers will clinch the win :)

17 July 2016
Hello everyone,

Tonight was the second practice session for the azadi cup. We had one last Saturday as well.

It was good and fun, I think everyone enjoyed it.

Hopefully it will be a good tournament coming up. :)

03 July 2016
Test post

01 July 2016
Hello everyone,

We won a match last Saturday and lost one against Kashmiris.

Tonight we have two matches.

My team is the launchers.

Hopefully it will be fun and we'll win both of the matches.

01 July 2016
It's just an update.

Umadbro won the ramadan tournament 2016. They played vs the Halal bros.

They won pretty easily.

I think Mani bhai got around 4 wickets, and he scored a lot of runs when he batted as well.

Congrats umadbro.

22 June 2016

Launchers played a quarterfinal vs u mad bro. I hit three sixes in that match when batting, but we only made 50 to win.

The umadbro caught up and won, but it was a close match.

Good luck to all those still in the tournament.

20 June 2016

My team launchers got into the semi-finals in the last tournament we played which was on March 7th 2016.

We had the match in our hands but some things made the change happen, that we lost.

30 April 2016
Hello everyone,

I did not play in this tournament as I had a heel injury. My team won though, with hamid bhai playing instead of me.

They did really well throughout the tournament, and they deserved to win.

Asif bhai, and Ehsan bhai did exceptionally well.

Looking forward to the next tournament, as I have recovered from the heel injury.

15 October 2015
Hello everyone,

So the cricket tournament, the super six tournament, well, my team launchers made it to the finals. We lost in the finals.

So the quarterfinals were held last Friday, then the semi finals and the final were held on Saturday.

Our team lost by 9 runs in the final. I got bowled out. I took a hattrick in the semi final on Saturday.

We were very close to winning.

The winning team was kashmiri XI. They played very well. Their batting and bowling were both strong.

04 October 2015
Hello everyone,

There have been three or four tournaments continuously.

The latest one is ongoing right now, called the super six tournament.

Yesterday, we won one of our matches, lost the first one.

It was good that I could contribute in the match to win the last match.

We needed 3 runs on 1 ball, and I surprisingly hit a four and so we won.

There was the ramadan tournament in June 2015. The kashmir club won that.

There was a tournament in 2014, which was the ramadan tournament as well. I don't remember who won that. Maybe it was launchers. Our team. Actually I Don't think we won that, it might have been gunday.

Then there was a tapeball tournament in January 2014, black launchers our team won that.

Then there was the tapeball azaadi tournament, in August 2015, ghouri won that.

Now it's the super six tournament.

13 October 2014
I got a forfeit win the first match. The second match I won 6-0, 6-3. The third match I won 6-4, 6-4, which was a really good match.

So far the season has been going fine.

13 September 2014
I got a forfeit win for week 5.

That's good because I get more points.

Looking forward to the match against Mr Bastide on Sunday the 14th. I'll keep you updated.

24 August 2014
Hello everyone,

So today's match was not that close or a good match that I would say because I didn't play at my best. The match cruised by. The first set was I guess a bit closer than the second. The games for both the sets were, 4-6, 1-6. I want to be honest about what was happening though. Well, on Friday when I went to play, there was this person, who I played with. He actually complained to me that I was foot faulting when I was serving. He was saying, my back foot crosses the middle line when I serve. So anyway, since then, when I was trying to serve today, my first serve percentage was very low, I was hitting almost every first serve in the net. I could not concentrate, and I was thinking about the foot fault thing, if I was really doing that. Hopefully I can get my momentum back for serving, and get it together for the next match. My opponent, Mr Engwall was playing pretty well, he did even better in the second set, not making errors like I was, although he made a couple. It's best if I don't make a big deal out of the foot fault thing, and to be honest, I really don't know I foot fault when I am serving. No one has ever told me that.

17 August 2014
Today I played a match vs Mr Spencer, and I've done a good job I think by winning in a tie break in the 3rd set. The final score was 2-6, 6-1, 7-6(7-2). It feels good to win a match.

08 August 2014
Hello all,

Today I have my first match. As this is my first match, lets see how I perform. :) Wish me the best of luck.

08 April 2014
I am enjoying here in Karachi. I have met quite a few people, went outside to restaurants, played cricket with nephew and some other people, done other things too. The trip has been fine uptil now. Although I miss where I live, and feel like being there. :) Hope to be back soon.

11 October 2013
Hello everyone,

I have finally graduated from ACC on August 13 2013 although I am posting this message now. I received the associate of applied science degree certificate as well. I am thankful to God for helping me throughout.

04 July 2013
Hello all! Hope you are doing well! I just wanted to say, I am really hoping to win the 4th match in the ultimate tennis league. I haven't had any luck the past 3 matches although I couldn't stretch them to 3 set matches. Could this be the 1st one? I will keep you updated.

Update: I won the match in three sets, the score was 1-6, 6-2, 6-2! I feel better now that I have finally won a match. The next match will be at the caswell tennis center.

20 April 2013
M rules!

20 April 2013
Hello all!

It's a miracle that I have made the playoffs in the ultimate tennis league. I play Fernando Salas in the quarterfinals. Whatever happens, I will let you all know. Check out, it's the best tennis league out there! Wish me the best of luck :)


I played and lost to him. It was a very hot day and I couldn't play like I did in the matches before this one.

04 June 2012
Hello all,

So I played the first match yesterday. I sadly lost 4-6,1-6 to Fernando Salas. I plan to improve my game by practicing more. Specially my serve, I think I need my first serve back, to put some pressure on the opponent. Ultimate tennis league is pretty bomb :)

Hope to play better in the next match, and hope it won't be as windy and sunny that day. hehe. :)

22 May 2012
Hello all,

I wanted to post about the upcoming league I am going to be playing in. Check out

It starts June 2nd for me. I hope my matches will be fun and exciting :)

Take care. Stay tuned for more posts relating to the upcoming league.


15 May 2012

New forum is online now

Visit it @

Do enjoy and post frequently so the chatter can last longer.

13 April 2012
Hello all

Just wanted to update, that nothing much is going on. Although, I am going to a UPS cricket tournament tonight, where I hope to have fun and play cricket. I hope my team wins. We cannot wait to see what turns out of this great event.

Laters! :)

22 January 2012
Hello everyone

So yeah, I found out about the strange sounds on the web, so I wanted to say that the world is definitely coming to an end as far as I know, you can check out everywhere on youtube, google,, various websites that have claimed these strange events that are taking place everywhere, although not quite exactly sure what the conclusion of this will be or if these are valid, authentic and scientific enough for review from the higher media sites. Anyway, I hope you all gain information on the websites, just search, strange sounds world, on google, if you want, and search everything. You won't find any news uptil now, as nothing is being updated and so on. We shall find out soon hopefully what this garbage turns out to be. We can still expect a very informative answer about this latest event. Please be sure to check out the news, and stay in tune with the blog posts and videos from various sites.

I just hope this is true, it will be seriously nice :P


31 December 2011
Heya whats up what the hell? :P

Tomorrow is 2012!!

Are you all waiting for the new year? :)

05 December 2011

Thanks a lot

19 November 2011

04 August 2011
Been playing tennis a little so been busy playing with my tennis partner. Trying to win but haven't had that much luck. is a good league ;)

Ramadan has started so just trying to fast.

Other than that, not much.

27 December 2010
Had fun with family, and am still having fun as I am on vacation!

Other than that, doing well and enjoying the weather.

30 October 2010

Internet is boring.. that's one thing. 11/06/08

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Yesterday was graduation :) I am so happy now that I have finally graduated. Now holidays have started, time to enjoy.


Welcome to this new design, once again i have re-made the site. Using a premade css layout, i have editted that to fit my needs. More information on this website is coming real soon, so keep checking :-P

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I just updated my site, the design not much but the bg color and stuff. I wanted the site to look a little better and make it simple. Also, change is a nice thing


Website updated

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30 October 2010
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